Is your Printer MG7520 not printing? (SOLVED)

Learn to resolve Printer MG7520 not printing

Are you also looking for a solution to your Canon Printer MG7520, not printing? We are living in the world of enhanced and next-level technology and it is quite impossible to survive without important gadgets and machines. Printers are also one of the most commonly used tools at work and at home.  Canon Printers are a widely used top brand launching several products out of the world. When you decide to purchase a new printer either for your work or for your home Canon MG7520 is really a preferable choice. Undoubtedly, this Canon printer has various functions such as copy, print, fax, and scan, yet sometimes, it faces problems such as not printing.

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Now, this issue can be due to various factors such as poor network connection between computer and printer, low ink levels, wrong port selection, and so on. In this article, we will be sharing information on how to cope with the above-mentioned situation by multiple fixes.

Reasons Behind Printer MG7520 not printing   

There can be various reasons that could be responsible for the Canon MG7520, not printing. A list of all possible reasons is given as follows:

  • Using unsupported ink cartridges.
  • Making use of clogged nozzles for a long time.
  • The outdated Printer driver installed on your computer
  • Wrong Paper Settings
  • insufficient paper loaded in the printer tray
  • Using paper sheets of incorrect paper size

Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve MG7520 Not Printing

If you find that your Canon Printer MG7520 is giving you hard time while printing documents, then this may be due to the incorrect network settings of the printer driver. Hence, do not panic about the situation as you are not the one who is facing this trouble alone. Mostly Canon printer users generally report these kinds of issues wherein their Canon Printer MG7520 does not have printing issues.  You simply need to follow the below-mentioned solutions in order to resolve the problem on your own.

Method 1: Look for your Printer Connection

  • At the initial stage, you are suggested to look for the network connection established between your printer and computer. Make sure a strong connection is established.
  • If you have been using a USB cable for connecting the devices, try using another USB connector. This probably helps to fix Canon Mg7520 Won’t Print problem. If you find the printer connection is all okay but still printer doesn’t print, proceed to the next step.

Method 2: Check Printhead Nozzle

  • Carefully monitor the Printhead nozzle fitted inside your Canon Printer.
  • Notice all parts one by one to ensure that it is in working condition.
  • Ensure to run a nozzle and identify if it is blocked.
  • Use plain white tissue to clean the clogged Printhead nozzle.
  • Now, print a test page from Canon Mg7520 to check if the printer, not printing problem has been resolved. If the same problem exists yet, move further with the next step in order to resolve the issue.

Method 3: Look for MG7520 Printer Settings

It is important to verify the settings in the settings section of the Canon MG7520 printer. if you notice any wrong adjustments or inappropriate settings inside the printer settings, then you should immediately rectify the same. Incorrect settings on the printer will always lead to hard times when it comes to printing. A printer with the wrong settings will never be in a position to provide any printout. Hence, make your settings correct and then enjoy happily printing your urgent document.

Method 4: Notice the size of the Paper 

This is one of the important aspects to check the size of paper currently in use. Sometimes, using incorrect paper sizes for printing gives a difficult time for printers. Please follow mentioned steps:

  • Slightly open the paper lid of your printer.
  • Carefully monitor the paper size being used.
  • It is always recommended to insert the A-4-sized sheet into the tray.
  • The second thing to pay most attention to is that a sufficient amount of A4-sized plain white paper is loaded in the input tray.

When you are pretty sure that the correct size of paper has been inserted inside the paper input tray, you can print documents using your printer. if your problem still persists, move to the next step automatically.

Method 5: Always use genuine Cartridges

It is important to use genuine printer cartridges with your Canon printer as using faulty or unsupported printer cartridges always creates these kinds of printing troubles. When you see your cartridges are going out of ink, fill them in on a timely basis. After refilling an old cartridge three to four times, you should think of replacing the old cartridge with a new one. When you notice that you are not getting quality prints, change your cartridges. Once replaced the old one with new cartridges, you will notice an immense difference in print quality.

Few more Tips and Tricks to fight with MG7520 Printing Problem

  • Use Auto-cleaning functions.
  • Replace a low/empty cartridge.
  • Update firmware/driver.
  • Align the printer accurately.
  • Clear the paper jam.
  • Remove a piece of torn paper.
  • Slightly take out the paper stuck in the paper tray.
  • Download and install the current released printer driver.
  • Ensure the printer properties dialog box.
     Final Words

We hope that this article has been helpful in resolving all your doubts. We have tried to cover maximumly related to Canon Printer MG7520, not printing issues. But in case, after following the above troubleshooting steps, your issue is still not resolved, you are happily welcome with your queries to have a certified resolution to all your printing issues. Dial the 24/7 toll-free number to speak with experts. We will resolve your problem in no time providing you with an instant solution. A team of dedicated professionals is ready to serve you. For a quick, speedy solution to all your technical troubles, get in touch with us right away.


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